Karpathos this beautiful island between Rhodes and Crete is still a very genuine place without significant foreign tourism and hospitable people. It is a great place for windsurfing, as the Meltemi wind picking up the north but still enjoyable while maintaining the hot summer days.

Half the island is harsh and inaccessible, while the other half is rich and idyllic. Some buildings are small and very authentic to the island style, while others are modern. The same goes for the locals: many are modern and dressed accordingly, while others, some older, still wear traditional clothes with bright colors.

Even today in Karpathos can be found alive the folk tradition. The song, accompanied by traditional instruments like the bagpipe, the lyre and the lute will often hear at weddings and celebrations, the christening, in cafes and restaurants.

This island is so diverse and original and is ideal for those with hobbies of photography and painting, and that is why some artists have taken refuge here. It’s a little hard to get here, but since you will not regret it